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Mushroom is the term used to describe the variety of fungus that have stems and caps. Mushrooms are widely used in cooking, especially in Asian and European countries. Many people buy and use mushrooms for their taste. However, they might not be aware of the benefits. The mushrooms that we commonly see and buy at supermarkets are commercially cultivated in mushroom farms. I should mention that those mushrooms have the same benefits. There are over 50,000 types of different mushrooms in the world. Except for the 1% poisonous type, all others are useful and beneficial. China cultivates nearly half of all mushroom supplies in the world.

What are mushroom benefits?

Mushrooms are blessings of nature, and humans can benefit from their properties by proper utilization. But what are the mushroom benefits? How can mushrooms be beneficial for our health system?

Here are some noteworthy mushroom benefits we have gathered for you:

1.    Mushrooms might have anti-cancer quality:

Different studies have shown that mushrooms can help fight cancer by protecting the body’s cells from damage. Additionally, some studies have found that using particular types of mushrooms can help decrease tumor growth rate. These qualities have been observed in Chinese traditional medicine. Nevertheless, we need more scientific studies to prove this quality for sure.

2.    Mushrooms can help by keeping the heart healthy:

According to some studies, consuming some particular types of mushrooms, such as shiitake and Lion’s Maine, can lower cholesterol and help the body remove the vessels’ plaques. Moreover, some of these mushrooms can help control blood pressure and diabetes, which leads to protecting the heart. Mushrooms owe this benefit to vitamin B and Selenium inside them.

3.    Mushrooms can help to boost the immune system:

Mushrooms are full of antioxidants and vitamins. According to many tube lab studies and mice studies, mushrooms can have notable benefits for our immune system. According to experiments, the factors that make a healthy immune system improve by using mushrooms or their extracts. In some studies, the number of white blood cells has increased by consuming some mushrooms.

4.    Mushrooms may have anti-aging properties:

Mushrooms have particular nutrients such as vitamin B6 and some antioxidants that can improve nervous system function. An improved nervous system results in better brain function. In some cases using mushrooms or mushroom supplements has helped in Alzheimer’s treatment.

5.    Mushrooms can lower anxiety:

Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D and vitamin B. Moreover, vitamin B is the source that the body needs to regulate the nervous system’s function. As a result, lowering stress is one of the mushrooms’ benefits.

6.    Mushrooms can boost your energy:

Because of the Selenium- an important antioxidant, which mushrooms have a high amount of it- mushrooms can help boost the body’s energy. That is why many athletes use mushroom supplements nowadays. Selenium helps the body fight with exhaustion and increases power. That is one of the mushroom benefits for athletes.

Nutrition facts of mushroom

Mushrooms are rich in nutrition. Nevertheless, the amount of this nutrition can vary due to the type of mushroom. To mention the notable nutrition facts of mushrooms that cause their benefits, I would say Antioxidants such as Selenium, minerals such as Copper and Betagulcan, and Vitamins such as Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, and the essential Vitamin D.

Which mushrooms are the most beneficial ones?

Almost every mushroom has at least one of these benefits or others. Nevertheless, according to lab studies and traditional eastern herbalists’ experience, the most beneficial mushrooms are Shiitake, Lions Maine, Turkey tail, Cordyceps, white button, maitake, and reishi. You may not have access to all these mushrooms, readily. Our suggestion is to use mushroom supplements that include all these mushrooms and serve you with all mushroom benefits.

So, can we eat mushrooms every day?

According to eastern herbalists consuming mushrooms, every day not only does not cause any problems but also helps the body benefit from mushroom’s blessings. Although there haven’t been any robust scientific studies on humans about this subject, the tube studies and the studies on lab mice have never shown any notable adverse side effects.

Bottom line:

Many Asian herbalists and many scientific study results claim that using mushrooms is so beneficial that you have to add them to your daily diet. Mushroom benefits are not limited to the mentioned list in this article. Mushrooms may have more benefits that all result in improving the immune system and the nervous system. Therefore, here I mentioned the most significant benefits that cause other benefits such as relaxing, having good skin, etc.

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