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A prodigy named Cordyceps


Cordyceps are a group of sac mushroom genus that have over 400 different types. This genus usually grows in humid and temperate places. Asia has the widest spread of this mushroom type wisely. Nepal, China, Japan, and Korea are the countries that have the most cultivation of Cordyceps fungus. Nowadays, Cordyceps extract makes a considerable part of different supplements ingredients particularly, mushroom supplements. This article will discuss how useful this mushroom can be for the body and it’s possible side effects on the body’s health.


Benefits of Cordyceps:

As mentioned earlier, cordyceps is a group of mushrooms named parasitic (sac) fungus. This fungus attacks insects, and some other plants replace the host’s tissue and grow outside of the host. In traditional Chinese medicine, they collect insects, and the fungi’ remains, dry them, and use it to cure illnesses. This combination is what we call cordyceps extract nowadays and can be useful for the body’s health in different ways, as I will mention in the following paragraph:

It can have anti-aging properties:

For many years, elderly Chinese have used cordyceps to fight fatigue, improve their mental health, and boost their energy. Moreover, they believed that this fungus could have a significant effect on increasing sexual drive. Researchers believe that all of these beneficial effects are because of the antioxidant quality of this mushroom. The antioxidants inside these fungi can protect cells in front of aging problems, mental health problems, and other problems by gaining age, such as energy decrease. Though all these benefits have been proved by experience, there are no scientific proofs about how effective humans can be.

It may help to fight cancer:

In many test tube studies on different cancers attacking human cells, Cordyceps have shown a significant effect on tumor growth reduction. Moreover, it has helped to reduce the side effects of other therapy methods. However, it is essential to note that in cancers like leukemia, it cannot be helpful. Since in these kinds of cancers, the number of white blood cells decreases, it can reverse. Many studies on test tubes and animals have proved these anti-cancer results successfully. Nevertheless, no human studies have been happened to confirm this quality robustly.

It can increase exercise performance:

Cordyceps can affect adenosine triphosphate (ATP) of the blood, which is responsible for fueling the muscles. Therefore, it can boost the body’s performance while exercising if one uses it before exercise. According to several studies, older people’s exercise capacity can increase by up to 11% by using cordyceps. However, some recent studies show that they are not effective in trained athletes.

It may help to enhance heart health:

Many herbalists have used cordyceps to treat heart disease in traditional Chinese medicine, such as irregular heartbeats. Nowadays, scientists have found out that this fungus can help speed up rats’ recovery from heart injuries. Researchers believe that this quality might be relevant to this mushroom’s effect on ATP(as mentioned earlier).

Furthermore, using this mushroom can significantly affect lowering the LDL, bad cholesterol of the blood, which is another reason that makes this fungus beneficial for the body.

It may fight inflammations in the body:

Cordyceps can help to fight the inflammation in the body. Of course, what we mean here is the extra inflammation that causes cancer and other diseases. According to some studies, cordyceps have had a positive effect on mice airways that were fighting illnesses like asthma. However, researchers believe that additional treatment options would be more effective in these illnesses. Additionally, cordyceps’ effectiveness on the inflammation in humans’ bodies still comes into question and has to be proved scientifically.

It can control diabetes type 2:

When your body does not react to the insulin hormone, your blood sugar cannot enter the cells and remains in your blood. The extra sugar in your blood can cause many problems, including pains in organs and some other severe health damages. Surprisingly, cordyceps can help to control the blood’s sugar by acting like insulin in the body.

Cordyceps Side Effects:

So far, there is no research to study the cordyceps side effects on the human body. However, the long experience of using these mushrooms in Chinese medicine has shown no toxic results. Moreover, the Chinese government has presented it as a safe medicine to be used in hospitals.

How to use cordyceps to get the most out of it?

Although you can use Cordyceps genuinely using different traditional Chinese therapies, we recommend you using the mushroom supplement to enjoy the benefits of this mushroom or any other fungus. By using the supplement capsules, not only can you have a more comfortable use, but also you can make sure that you are getting the right dose of the medicine.

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