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A Miracle named Lion’s Maine

Lion's Maine

Lion’s Maine mushroom, also known as Hieracium Erinaceus and monkey head mushroom, is a tooth fungus family member with broad medicinal use. They cultivate these mushrooms in Europe, North America, and Asia. The harvest time is in summer and fall for this type of mushroom. Lion’s Maine usually grows a single clump of dangling spines, making its appearance unique among other types of mushrooms. Since many years ago, herbalists have used this mushroom to cure some illnesses. Nowadays, you may see the extract of this mushroom in many supplements’ ingredients list. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and side effects of this vastly used mushroom in the pharmacy world.

Lion’s Maine is beneficial for your health in different ways:

It can Support Brain Well Performance.

Studies have shown that as the age increases in people, mental health and brain functionality decreases. We have probably witnessed this slow brain functionality in old relatives. In the worst-case scenario, this mental health decrease causes Alzymers and some other serious diseases. According to a research study on a group of older people with the midst cognitive system, Lion’s Maine can promote nerves and brain function and reduce the signs of Alzheimer’s. However, another result of the study was that when people stopped using this mushroom, the brain activity started to descend again.

It can reduce anxiety and stress.

According to a study, about 30% of people in developed countries suffer depression and stress. Although there are plenty of factors causing this anxiety, scientists include inflammation as a significant factor. Some studies of Lion’s Maine extract on mice have shown that this mushroom’s extract can have positive effects on fighting the inflammation.

Furthermore, another study on mice has shown that a lion’s Maine extract can reduce anxiety by recreating the brain cells and improving brain function.

It can support the nervous system.

The body’s nervous system consists of the brain, nerves, and spinal cord, which are responsible for transferring the nervous signals. These nerve signals are responsible for almost every function in the body. Even a little damage to the nervous system can cause significant mental problems. Studies show that using Lion’s Maine extract can accelerate the nervous system’s recovery by up to 41%.

However, these studies all were done on rats, and so far, there is not much strong evidence about the lion’s Maine effect on humans.

It can protect the digestive system from Ulcer.

Ulcers can happen all over the digestive paths. The primary cause of Ulcer is a bacteria called H.pylori. According to lab studies, Lion’s Maine extract can reduce or stop the growth of H.pylori bacteria. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, Lion’s Maine extract can fight inflammation anywhere in the body. Therefore, it can fight the inflammation-causing ulcers in the digestive system.

However, so far, there are not many human studies about this, and the results are only test tubes, lab results.

Lion’s Maine may help to fight cancer.

Some studies show that Lion’s Maine extract can kill the tumors faster than traditional cell killing medicines. According to several studies done in labs on test tubes or mice, Lion’s Maine extract can kill the cells causing cancer and reduce the spread rate up to 69%.

However, one research failed to prove these results, and none of the mentioned studies were done on humans. Therefore, more studies are needed to say anything for sure, but for now, we can say that it may be helpful according to experiences.

Lion’s Maine helps to control diabetes.

Lion’s Maine mushroom extract can help the body to reduce the symptoms or control the blood’s sugar levels. It can be effective on the enzymes that are responsible for making sugar out of carbs in the blood. It also can help diabetes pain in organs such as hands and feet.

Since high levels of blood sugar can cause severe health problems, there have been profound studies on controlling diabetes and its symptoms and side effects. It seems like Lion’s Maine extract can be effective in reducing the symptoms and side effects by blocking particular enzymes.

It boosts the immune system.

Lion’s Maine extract can boost the immune system of the body by stimulating the gut Bacteria. A robust immune system can protect the body in front of different viruses and bacterias. As mentioned earlier, It has significant effects in fighting inflammations and micro organs such as bacterias and viruses.

Are there any side effects?

So far, there are no reports of a creditable study about the lion’s Maine’s side effects on people. Moreover, all the studies on rats and other animals have shown no side effects of using this mushroom’s extract. It seems like it is entirely safe to use Lio’s Maine extract. Nevertheless, if you are allergic to mushrooms, you’d better hesitate to use this one, too!

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